Student of the Month Certificate

See also student of the week certificate

1 Change the Template

2 Add Image and/or Logo

3 Edit/Add Text

4 Download/Print/Save

  1. Select the stickers. You can click on your selection to change the color.
  2. Select a background and clipart by clicking on “select background” and then select any image.
  3. To add clipart, click on the back button to go back to the categories.
  4. Select clipart and drag it to wherever you would like it to appear.
  5. Edit text. You can change the font and all the text. You can also add your own text and/or images.

2 thoughts on “Student of the Month Certificate”

  1. I love these certificates. They are expensive to buy a pack but now I can just change the names every month. Thank you! I am having trouble printing. When I go to print it is not printing the whole certificate on one 8 x11 page. Please let me know how to fix this.

    • So glad they are helpful! The best way to print is to download it to your computer and then print from there. Select “print on full page” on your printer”s settings.


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